Another Well Pressure Question!


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Another Well Pressure Question!

Hello, I found this site today while searching out my problem. Its a great site and I can see using it alot in the future.

We bought the house 2 yrs ago, First time with well water... No Idea on the depth of well how old the pump is it.

We have had intermittent pressure issues in the past-- this past weekend we trickled off too none.

Last night I turned off the pump Drained the pressure tank. I believe it is bladderless galvanzied but the tag is long gone so not sure--

Turned everything on-- got a bunch of sediment and but still no pressure.. I also think the tank did not fill with very much water... I checked the pressure and It said 15 psi (15more than before I drained!)... Today I realized the pressure guage before the tank never changed durring any of this... Stayed at 30psi before after and durring....

After work I am going to drain it again, Replace the pressure guage and test Square D switch.

Im basically checking If I Am on the right track??
When testing the pressure switch am I just checking that the electrics are working with a voltmeter (and that its not clogged)


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Hi cryan1980 –

Don’t know much about wells. Had one for about 6 years now. I think you are correct to replace your bad gauge first so you can troubleshoot properly. My gauge before the tank also would stick but at 40 psi with the tank empty and when obviously there was no pressure in the system. Was trying to adjust my pressure switch before I figured out the gauge was bad. Was very confusing! (I have a diaphragm tank with no gauge on it.)

Don’t know whether the knowledgeable folks on this forum would agree, but I think you can do a rough check of your pressure switch just by observing the operation with the cover off (being very very careful so as not to get shocked). Mine is a 40-60 switch I have adjusted to 40-50. I just observed that the contacts close when the pressure on the gauge went down to 40, and the pump turned on, then the contacts opened when the pressure on the gauge reached 50, and the pump then turned off.

I would think you would only need to do the continuity test with a meter if the contacts close but your pump doesn’t come on? But knowledgeable folks on this forum might certainly disagree. Could be fouled up contacts if the contacts close but the pump doesn’t run.

But if you are saying that your pump runs until your pressure on the tank gauge reaches 15 psi, then shuts off, then comes back on at a some lower pressure and then pumps back up to 15 psi and so on - then maybe you are correct and that short riser pipe to the switch might be clogged. But as I said I know very little. I think a waterlogged tank causes the pump to come on then off after a very short time. Bad for the pump.

But more importantly, if you look at the top of the main page for this forum you will see a sticky at entitled “Pump cycling, or Water logged and other Well Info”.

Maybe you have a waterlogged tank problem. The info in that sticky covers a lot of things including how to handle waterlogged tanks.

Good luck!

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