New Chinese pumps on the market.


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New Chinese pumps on the market.

I know eventually everything we use will be made by the chinese. Here is what I have noticed about a new breed of pumps on the markets. I won't mention the brand but you will see them at most of the big box stores.
I usually rebuild most of my pump needs here. I have 3 pumps in all none under 9 years old,I have them for h the house,well,sprinkler system. They are all currently made in USA and you can find parts easy for them to repair. Seals,impellers,bearings and such. Every one of them are capacitor start pumps. Meaning they come with a big cap on top,have a start /run windings and a centrifugal switch that are used to start the motor and then allow the motor to run on different windings.

The new chinese pumps use a cap run motors. No centrifugal switch that clicks in and out for the cap start circuit.
I was given 2 of these pumps by two different people. They look perfect in every way,both almost new but yet would not work properly. They will run sometimes,sometimes they wont. I took them apart and looked at every detail. The motors were like new with no corrosion or overheating. The 120/220 switch while a bit small for the application was working ok. The cap was fine.. actually one owner had changed the cap thinking it would repair it but didn't.
The only thing I could see was causing some of the problem on one was a bit of corrosion inside the pump housing itself that had grown out and was rubbing impeller. I also was able to get both to start up better with a higher value cap on them.
My guess is they are great pumps if you want to set and watch it run but don't expect to have water all the time when you use one. The ones I have experienced were 3/4 hp 120/240 volt models sold at Lowes,Tractor supply they were not store brands. Both had exactly the same motors on them.

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So you still don't know why they won't start?
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Not a motor expert here, but if it doesn't have a centrifugal switch for the start/run windings, it must have an electrical timer it seems to me, which may be bad.
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New Chinese pumps on the market.

Check with the company that has thier name on the pump to get the trouble shooting help and technical information..They are the ones that set the specs for the manufacturer, since the Chinese manufacturers can make any level of quality that the distributor wants. It is just a matter of what the distributor wants to pay and support.

When you contact the distributor/labeler, make sure you have all the identifying information since these type of people buy from many different manufacturers that may have some minor differences.

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