Effect of antibacterial soap on septic tank?

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Effect of antibacterial soap on septic tank?

A friend had problems with his septic system after several decades of satisfactory service. Pumping the tank helped initially, but then flow from the house backed up again.

The septic guy said to quit using antibacterial bath soap - it supposedly kills the bacterial action in the septic tank. To get the tank working again, he pumped it for a second time and threw in a dead chicken Anyway, no more problems.

I'm sure that my friend was leveling with me. But was the septic guy possibly correct?
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If you are referring to the hand soap, he would have to have a 5gal bucket as a septic tank for it to hurt it.

Now if it was used in conjunction with lots of bleach or chlorinated water, yes, it could hurt the system.
There is more in the water than just hand soap, for it to kill the bacteria that is in a septic.

A septic will start to work on it's own, it does not need a chicken or anything else to get it started.

When we put in a new system and the owner wants to do something like that, we will tell them "If it make you feel better, toss it in there, it wont hurt anything" But you don't need it.

The septic guy was right, but there is more to it than just soap.

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Anti-bacterial bar/bath soap


Hello. I found your response about anti-bacterial bath/hand soap interesting. I've read nothing other than everyone stating that anti-bacterial anything is bad for a septic system. We have a one thousand gallon tank and I've been using Ivory soap which I do not like. I'm hoping you will elaborate on your statement about anti-bacterial soap.


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The amount of anti-bacterial soap you'd need to effect anything in your septic is huge. (think gallons)
Don't worry about it, use what ever body shop/shampoo you like.

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