Getting air bubble in well line


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Getting air bubble in well line

Hello all, I have a shallow well jet pump system in my house. I've just replaced both the jet pump and the pressure tank. The jet pump is a 3/4 hp jet pump with pressure gauge and 40 - 60 shutoff/control valve. I have a clear 2.5 foot hose running from the pump to the tank (threaded to withstand the pressure) the pressure tank is normal 52 gallon tank pressurized to 38 lbs.

I've replaced all the pipes all the way up to the pipe leaving the house out to the well. there are no leaks anywhere, and I can't hear any air escaping.
When the pump comes on it runs for a couple seconds and you can see the water coming back to the pump from the tank then the pressure gauge drops to 0 and we loose water. If I open the priming plug on the pump and let the air escape for about a minute, the water starts flowing from the pump to the tank and the pressure raises again. how do I get rid of this air bubble? or better yet how do I find the air leak?
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Not a pro but I have a shallow well. You need to keep priming the pump. Turn it on until it you get air. Turn it off and open the priming plug and add water. Restart. IF you do this a bunch of times and still get air you either have a leak in your pipe and it is sucking air or you have a bad check valve or foot valve. I had a brass check valve this fall that got a crack on the well side so it would keep sucking air into the pipe. Burned up the pump because it more or less ran dry when I was gone at work.
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Tolyn is pretty much right on. You need to determine if it's continuously sucking air from a leak OR if the system hasn't been fully purged of the air since you installed the new equipment.

Is there a check valve built into the suction side of the pump you bought? If not did you install a check valve directly to the suction side of the pump? The reason I ask is that if there is a check valve then your air leak may be inside the house where the suction line connects to the check valve. The reason you don't see a leak when it shuts off is because that check valve is closing and keeping the pressure from showing you where the leak is. If it is leaking it will however suck air EVERY time the pump turns on.
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I have a check valve!

Yes there is a check valve connected right on the jet pump on the suction side. I have re-taped and puddy-ed everything to make sure there is no air leaking. When the pump comes on it doesn't suck anything into the pump, it seems like there is a balloons sized pocket of air the seems to be trapped there. When I open the priming valve and let the air escape the well starts pulling water and everything works like it should. The pump turns off after it reaches 60 lbs. then after a couple hours when we've used enough water the pump comes back on I have to run to the basement and do the whole process over again.
I know that people say it takes a few time to prime the pump, but how many times is a few times?

One guy told me to turn the pump on and just keep letting it run to get all the air out. but my tanks is only build for 75 lbs. of pressure do I need to have a faucet on also to relieve the pressure while the pump is running. (Or is this even a necessary step)?
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