my sump pump runs all the time. rain or shine


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my sump pump runs all the time. rain or shine


I was wondering if anybody has the same problem or if someone can give me advise with my sump pump. The house was just built 1 year ago and i live in Easton PA. My sump pump pump runs every half hour or so, some time more. regardless the weather it could be dry for over a week and it still runs all the time. My basement is 100% dry all the time. it seem the water come from under the foundation. It run so much that for the past week we have had 70 degree waether and sunny and it still runs all the time. To the point that my side yard it runs to, the lawn is constontly with an inch or more of water. can anybody help me understand this?

thanks in advance
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It sure would be nice to have superman's x-ray vision sometimes to see what's going on. Has the landscaping around your house been graded properly? Everything needs to be sloped away from the house,rain gutter downspouts extended out from the house etc. Do your neighbors have a similar problem? It could just be the area you are in. If you are the only one in the area with the problem you would have to look at things like a broken water pipe from the supply to your house.They build houses these days where they never should. I was in a newer house the other day where the pump ran every 30 sec. The house was built in a very low swampy area and it's hard to believe but he had alot of water comming in...go figure!!
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I would also look to see where your sump pump is pumping the water. If it is simply dumping it just outside the house next to the foundation the water may just seep back under the house (so you are pumping the water in a circle). You want to get the sump pump discharge water as far away from the house, and downhill, to help prevent the water from finding it's way into your basement.
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Have to agree with Pilot Dane, I think that most of the water is just being pumped in a circle; standing water indicates it's not draining off.

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