Updating jet pump to "better system"

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Updating jet pump to "better system"

First of all Hi all

Me and the wife bought a house a month ago 1965 4br cape the pump and tank are dated 1994/1996

the well is in the basement (there was a addition added in the 80;s the looks like it wend ovet the well but i have PLENTY of access)

we have a 2 line 1/2 hp jetpump and want to poss update the system

we have a amtrol 201(to small ) pressure tank

System will draw down and the pump will kick on at 27-30psi and will turn off at 45ish psi.

I did the garden hose at the t beore the tank (i know its not the true test) and i am getting 5gpms and have let the pump run for an hour at a time (water the lawn)

by the time the water pressure gets to the 2nd floor its lower

IF you close the ball valve RIGHT after the pump the pressure dosent jump it just stays right there and takes a few mins to climb

i was told that either i have a cloged screen or a check valve thats not opening all the way and killing flow. Or the pump is undersized

To me it seens like i have flow but keeping/building prssure is the issue and i know a jet pump maxes out at 45psi and would like to be able to MAINTAIN 45 if i can.

should i stay with a jet pump and go with a 3/4 hp setup or go with a sub pumb (5 or 7 gpms )

I am looking at upgrading the tank to a amtrol 250 (would that be 2 big for a jetpump or sub)

the well depth is unknow but from what i have (1/2hp pump) i was told max im around 90 feet.

Im thinking of putting the bigger tank in and then pulling the line to check to see how the screen looks abd drop a line down to see the depth but it still dosent awnser the above about what to do for a pump.

THANKs all for any info
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I don't think that anyone can tell you what size pump to use. I do know that a submersible pump is much more efficient than a two pipe jet pump. That means more gpm per HP when comparing the two. In short, submersible is better in every way.

The danger with changing pumps is "over pumping" the well. Meaning trying to take more out than is replenished. I would think that if a 1/2 HP jet pump works "okay" than I wouldn't want to go any higher than that with a submersible. We get many cries for help here where people thought that since 1/2 was good, 3/4 would be better. More is better, right?

As far as tanks go, I think that bigger really is better. You want the pump to run at least a minute before it shuts off.

Remember that an 85 gallon tank means only about 35 gallons of water -- if that. You could put a 40/60 pressure switch on there and get even less water in the tank, 25 gallons in an 85 gallon tank. Once the tank is exhausted, then you get whatever pressure the pump can produce and that is usually a bit less than what the tank produces. See the first sticky and go down to where I post what a "normal" cycle is supposed to look like.

If the tank is inside, then a metal tank will work fine, but if outside, then a fiberglass tank would be better since it would be less likely to rust out.

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