Help Us Please no water for weeks


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Help Us Please no water for weeks

We have a drilled well with a submersible pump and it just stopped working we thought it was the pressure switch so we replaced that and the tank cause it was junk but when we turned the power on nothing happened it didn't click on and fill the tank. Nothing happened what could be wrong i'm stuck. If it is electrical, or the pump itself, how do we determine that and repair it?
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Do you have power going to the pressure switch? Maybe the circuit breaker is tripped? At the electrical junction at the well head do you have power there? If you've got power all the way to the well head and still nothing then you may have a bad pump. Most commonly though it is something above ground like a tripped breaker, bad pressure switch or clogged pipe leading to the pressure switch.
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First you need to determine if you even have power to the pump. Is the pump a 2 wire or 3 wire pump not including the ground wire. If it is a 2 wire you need to just check for power first, if you have power going into the pressure switch, then leaving, but no pump action your problem is in the well. On a 3 wire pump, you will have a control box also located someplace near the well tank. Once again, you need to check power in and power out. If you have power in but not out of the control boxx, the problem may right there, The use of an AMP probe can also help in determining the cause of the problem. A high amperage reading could mean a blocked or bound pump, whereas a low amperage reading could prove the problem to be a broken wire in the well or a burnt motor. Most of your pump companies have some great troubleshooting guides on line. Goulds pumps is my pump of choice... try their web site. good luck

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