Well pump losing pressure and sucking in air

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Well pump losing pressure and sucking in air

Sometime ago when I was about to start the shower it randomly just lost water pressure. I had went and checked the well pump. There I found the pump running and the casing around the propeller was extremly warm, so it had been running dry for sometime.
This is a shallow well system about 25ft deep with about 7ft of water on the stick.

-Since this we have bought a new pump.
-Replaced the black plastic tube line going from the PVC well stick to the galvanized pipe which connects to the pump.
-Replaced brass check valve which is about 1 foot away from the pump propeller. There is another one half way down the well stick also that has NOT been replaced.

So when we need water we prime the system back up and wait till it builds pressure. We are then able to do everything we need, shower, dishes, gather water for the next time we prime it. The water could stay fully pressurized for anywhere from a few minutes to holding for 10 hours. When left alone at full pressure with the pump kicked off it loses pressure over time and then kicks back on and begins to suck in air again causing the pump not to pressurize. Really frustrated with this situation and any advice could help. Im not sure if some of the plastic fittings or connections are causing air to get into the system.
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You have a leak somewhere on the suction side. Could be the check valve (I have seen bad ones right from the box), but it could be a joint.

Try the shaving cream test:
1. Get some pretty thick shaving cream in a can.
2. Choose one joint and slather it on as thick and smooth as you can while the pump is running (don't run a dry pump).
3. Wait and watch for "a while." You are looking for a dimple to appear and that's why you want it smooth.
4. As you are watching, move your head around and look all the way around, even underneath although it may be hard to see with laying on your back.
5. After you have looked for "a while" (5 minutes) ought to do it and you see no change, then move to the next one.

Take your time. You've been fiddling with this for a long time -- no need to rush now. Suction side leaks are hard to detect.

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