Well pump runs all day and night


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Well pump runs all day and night

My water pressure has been feeling weak lately so after going into the basement I realized that the well pump is running non-stop. The pressure tank was replaced about 6 months ago by a friend and when emptied has 38psi which is correct according to welltrol, the manufacturer. When I shut off valve to the house, the tank does not seem to fill up at all. There's a spigot at the bottom and when I shut pump and have valve to house off, then I open the spigot, pressure just drops to zero. Overall, the pressure never gets higher than 29 to 39 but that must only be the pressure that the pump is putting out, right? Also, when tank was replaced, he replaced the check valve, which at that time had a large pebble in it holding it wide open (which is odd). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am afraid well pump will burn out very soon!
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The tank needs to be set at 2psi under the on psi of the pressure switch....If the switch is 30 on and 50 off,, the pressure on in the tank should read 28psi. that is with all the water drained out.

With the pump running like that, it sounds like there may be something in the jet, it may be in the well or in the pump, just depends on the depth of the well, do you have a deep well the jet would be in the well, shallow well pump, the jet will be in the pump.

Or, on a bad note, the pump itself may be going bad.
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Water does not compress very well and if you open the tank valve and pressure goes to zero asap, I would say your tank is bad. Even though you state 38PSI. Double check that.

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Do you have a submersible or jet pump?..this will make the problem a little easier to diagnose. Either way, the system is not able to generate enough pressure at the tank. So, either your pump is incapable of generating the pressure, or you have a leak between the pump and the tank.

The pre-charge on the tank is important, but it's not your problem here. That setting lets you maximize the drawdown of the tank, and nothing more. The tank would simply act like a larger or smaller size tank if the pre-charge was wrong.
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