Low pressure with well pump


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Smile Low pressure with well pump

I have a unique problem: My water pressure is fine for a few minutes, the drops to a trickle before the pump goes on. This is what I have checked and tried so far:

1. My pressure gauge shows the pump coming on at 20 psi and cutting out at 40 psi.
2. We have plenty of water pressure in the house when the pressure tanks if full. When the pressure gets down to about 25 psi, it drops to a trickle, and the pump comes back on when it gets down to 20 psi.
3. Checked the pressure tank, has about 18 psi of pressure with no water in the tank. No water came out when I let air out of the valve(I tried this with water in the tank).

How can I tell if it is the pressure tank, pressure switch, or something else?
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Do you have a filter on the water line to the house? Check it or the screens in the sinks.
A stopped up filter or screen will cause the symptoms you describe.
It sounds like the pump, tank and pressure switch are doing what they are supposed to do.
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Sounds like there is too much air in the tank. When you get a trickle just before the pump comes on it sounds like the bladder is collapsing. The gauge may be off and the 18 psi tank to 20 psi gauge is to close. Plus the pump lag.

Let some air out of the tank say to 15 psi. That should solve your issue.

Let us know if it works.

Mike NJ

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