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My Final Solution to clogged up field

It has been nearly a year since my last report. Sorry about the delay, but the "final solution" to clogged up septic fields takes time. I have learned a lot, and made a lot of mistakes. I am happy to report that my septic field is running like new again, and WITHOUT an expensive replacement! The solution is simple & logical.

Here is the bottom line. THE TRUTH - which is nearly impossible to find by searching the internet. Every septic tank sends cloudy water out to the septic field. The water is cloudy because it has "Total Suspended Solids" or TSS for short. These microscopic solids accumulate in the septic field over the years, see these diagrams of septic tanks to see TSS in action:
Diagrams of single, dual & pump tanks
How the septic system works
Diagram of 3 chamber Tank

Notice the sludge & scum layer is smaller in each chamber as TSS goes down. More chambers = a better longer lasting system.

Origin of the “Biomat”
The Total Suspended Solids (TSS) that leave the tank end up as Biomat in the septic field. Even if you have an effluent filter, water pressure pushes these suspended solids right through the filter and into the septic field. These suspended solids slowly build up over the years until the lateral pipes become TOTALLY clogged up with biomat (Sludge). There is only one solution to this problem. Hydro Blasting with a high pressure hose. Forget about aerators & chemicals.

This shocking video shows what can happen to an “Infiltrator Chambers” in only 7 years! If I didn’t see this video, I would never believe it. This is a perfect example of what we are up against when our septic field clogs up. Infiltrator Chambers were filled from top to bottom with TSS solids for 50 feet ! The remaining 150 ft were as clean as new!
Skip to minute 15:30 to see this true horror story & why hydro blasting the laterals is essential.

Hydro Blast the laterals. See these impressive videos that shows hydro blasting in progress:
This video looks exactly like what came out of my own lateral pipe & into my septic tank… that lateral was completely filled with solid sludge!
Video - Pumping the tank & hydro blasting the laterals
Hydro Jetting Slow Motion Takes a chicken & cabbage out of a lateral pipe
RotoRooter Demonstration
A series of hydrojet videos:

In case your septic plumber insists you need a new septic field (or plays dumb) as my plumber did, show him these links about hydro blasting. They want to sell a $30,000 system, not fix our old system. Septic Fraud is everywhere, so be prepared to fight for the truth.. These links will help give you confidence to fight with your septic plumber.

“Our most popular septic service is Hydro Jetting lateral lines. This allows us to clean up years of sludge build up and give your system the ability to operate at its full potential again. This service requires a few small holes to be dug up in your lawn, the rest of the work is done underground, saving your lawn!”

Hydro Blasting & Terra Lifting

“Lateral flushing:
“On any low pressure drain field, laterals should be flushed out annually. This procedure will reduce scum build up in the laterals and help with even distribution across the entire length of the lateral. It will also help your pump to live longer by decreasing back pressures which can reduce running time on demand dose systems.” ************

txshriner said: (THIS one is a real eye opener!)
“Ive been cleaning drain fields for several years with extremely good success, actually with too much success! i did this with the knowledge of the local health department and everything was rosy and then one day a few years back the local health department director stopped my employee and had me call him. he had just come from a big pow wow the installers had at the state level. i dont know what the topic of conversation was supposed to be but it turned into a whining session from the installers! apparantly the several hundred systems that i had successfully cleaned and put back to working had these old boys worried about the money they were missing out on. he told me that he was pretty sure i'd be hearing from someone and i did. a little higher up than i expected, the man claimed to be the number 2 man in the state! we argued for over an hour about drain field cleaning. it was of his opinion that this isnt possible but thats like telling the bumble bee that scientist say he cant fly! i have lost count of how many i have made work that even i thought would never work again. you wont make friends with any installers making old systems work but it does pay very well if your successful at it!” ************

Re: Jetting Septic Drain Fields: “In regard to jetting septic fields, we do it all the time with typically positive results in our area. It is nearly fool proof with a gravel system that has plastic fluted pipe. We dig the D-Box and jet all the way around from there while a pumper vacuums with a two inch hose and then video inspect with great results.”

Wrap up summary of important things to do:
* Add risers to the tank & D-Box for easy servicing
* Add an effluent filter to the tank exit pipe if one is not already there, clean it
* Pump out the tank & hydro blast the laterals. Roto Rooter/septic plumbers can do this.
* Add a washing machine lint filter
* Convert toilets to dual flush to reduce water usage, fix all dripping faucets
* Add a Gray Water System for the washing machine & water softener
* NEVER saturate your septic field with too much water. Use water sparingly.
* Be very careful about what goes down the toilet. Google “Protecting the Septic Tank” Also instruct the wife NO Feminine Wipes in the toilet! They must go in the trash can! Women typically use a roll or MORE of toilet paper in less than a week to wipe their hoo hoo. It is SHOCKING! All hoo hoo wipes must go into the trash can.

Bottom line: in hindsight, it is pointless to add chemicals to a failing septic field until the laterals have been hydro blasted first. If you saw what came flying out of my lateral pipe, (using my Clog Hog Hose & my Pressure Washer) I’m sure you would agree there is NO WAY any chemical can remove all of that solid junk that had built up over the years! After the laterals have been hydro blasted out, then chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, may help clean out the last of the biomat=sludge, (if required). One of the septic plumbers recommends hydro blasting the laterals every time the tank is pumped out.

Here is my completed report. Also new in this report is using worms in the drain field to help extend its life. Worms are used extensively in Australia for septic systems. This is called vermifiltration. Google "Worms Septic" The worms burrow through the soil right up to the trench walls to help aerate the soil, and leach fields require oxygen to operate properly. They even burrow right into the laterals to help keep them clean. I will be adding thousands of worms to my septic field next spring.


Best to all,

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It seems to me Hydro blasting would make the problems worse. Wouldn't it force the scum & bio mat type stuff deeper into the soil making the leaching field less porous? A better way it seems to me would be to vacuum the leach field laterals.
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I finally got around to moving the air to the inlet side today. Having a timer on the pump was a bad idea, now will be on 24/7. I post back what happened next tome I get it pumped out. Name:  0523161133-01.jpg
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No air in the tank now

After cutting in the inlet side of the tank the same thing happened a clogged effluent filter. I piped the air now into the fist field. I will report back after a year. So far the move works well all is dry. But a guy thinks underground water off a mountain could be my problem.
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Could be.. I have a high water table here. The well water level is 12 ft down.

But I have seen lower levels in my seepage pit..

I dont know.. Its been a while since I posted..

Im still aerating.. The water in the pit smells musty and no longer like sewage.. I believe I have an aerobic pit now that digests better..

I need to pump main my tank as its been 3 years.. Im going to treat the pit again with peroxide most likely..

Here are some pics and cleaning the aerator... I am at my 2 ft max level that I dont like to see though..
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I could not use the aerator that I had in the tank because the Polylok box was not wide enough to let it fit in. I used a roll of polyethylene tubing cut the end on a angle & fished it directly into the first drain field. Next year I might try a flexible tube type but if they clog that might hurt the pump? One person told me to buy a low pressure gauge & watch if it goes over 3 psi because that could hurt the air pump diaphragm.
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Put the air gauge in

It's not over 3psi so I guess if I want more air I need a bigger air pump. I have a Hakko HK-40LP pump & the air gauge was cheap on Ebay.
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I noticed the gauge drop lower so I put in new diaphragms same result. I hooked up my shop compressor with this adapter I made up to test the gauge. Took it over 8 psi for a few minutes. My guess no sanding water in the fields?Name:  1020171137-00.jpg
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This thread has taken on a life of its own. It's a very important topic but this thread has gotten too long. Mike might add to it but if you'd like help from him.... click on his name and send him a PM (private message). Otherwise start a new thread and reference this one. This thread will always be accessible in our searchable database.

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