Jet Aerator Control Panel

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Jet Aerator Control Panel

Hi. I am brand new to septic systems. I am trying to ensure that my aerator is set to the lowest setting, but without a knob, I'm finding this difficult to determine without sitting out at the motor and listening to when it goes on and off...does anyone have any idea how this should be oriented so that the motor is on for the 5/40 setting?

I realize the black toggle switch controls the motor being on continuously, off, or auto, and that I want the auto toggled.

I have the flat part of the white plastic perpendicular to the 5/40 setting, but I have no idea if that is right. I'm wondering if there is anyway to tell? Also, once set, the white part seems to rotate around continuously...what's that all about?

Thanks for any help!

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The make and model. We can possibly find the manual for you but the instructions should be on the inside of the door.

Looks like a #187 they are standard with light and alarm.

Thats a complicated system you have. I believe they have chlorine feeders and stuff.

I am not that familiar. The jet should run continuous. At least on the new systems. When they are not running condensation affects them. And you can damage the whole septic system if you dont keep in aerobic.

You have something like this I would say. I would not mess with too much until you know what your doing.

The time cycle was set by an authorized service technician to
conform to local regulations. Do not change this setting.


Mike NJ

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Jet aerator control panel

I have maintained my Jet Aerobic sytem for several years now. With the opproval of my Jet dealer I was given the OK to set my timer at the lowest run-time setting. In my case and on my timer this is 10/50. This allows the aerator motor to run for 10-minutes and rest for 50-minutes.
I will try to attach a picture of my timer. This will show the position of the slotted brass screw relative to the arched slot. In my case the screw is at the extreme right in the slot. I believe your screw is in the exact opposite position, this would make your aerobic pump run for the longest possible cycle.
Regarding the “white part” that you mention. This white stud can be can be rotated clockwise. It makes a nice clicking sound with each slight rotation. Each complete revolution represents one hour of run time on the clock timer.
I hope this is helpful.
Can someone help with my question?
The timer motor on my control seems to have stopped running. When I toggle the black switch to the “CONT” position, my aerobic pumps runs non-stop. When the toggle is is the “AUTO” position my aerobic pump never runs or cycles.
Can anyone help? Can these motors be purchased? I would bet that Jet would say you must replace the ENTIRE control panel.
Thank you!

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You can purchase replacement timer. I have not found any sources on the web, but my local home sanitation company sold me a timer (around $100). If the white know is turning, which I know you said yours was not, there is also the micro-switch that causes the circuit to be active or not as the know rotates. If this goes bad the replacement is cheap ( around $5).

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