Well pump offset 25' from sand point?

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Well pump offset 25' from sand point?

I currently have a working sandpoint well about 25' deep. My problem is it is located in my basement which is 3' below grade and is non-conforming in WI. I want to pound a new point out side 25' away from the pump. My question is will a sandpoint pump draw water up 25' and horiaontal 25'. I would like to keep the pump in the basement and move the point out side. Any idea if this will work? Also the state reg's say I need a pitless adapter to put a pump in my basement, but I have yet to find a 2" adapter.
Im new to this forum, so thanks in advance.
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That's a tough haul. Pumps are better at pushing than pulling, but my grandfather had a rig something like that. Not sandpoint wells, but he had three dug wells that were hand dug over a hundred years ago by people a lot braver than I am and lined with stone. He had a manifold in the cellar and would switch between them during drought years. One well was over 50' feet away from the house, but I think he had a lot of trouble with that one.

Pipes were something like 4' underground so they wouldn't freeze and would come straight into the cellar. They all had a slight upward slope from the well to the house so an air bubble wouldn't form.

Something to think about is that when you are measuring the depth of surface wells the only one that really counts is the "draw down" depth. That's the depth of the water when the pump is on and pulling water. The actual depth of the well and the standing level of the water isn't as important. So you could have a 50' deep well (and many people do) with a standing level of 15' and all will be fine as longs as when the pump is pulling, the level doesn't drop below 25 feet. You wouldn't need anything more complicated than an above ground pump in this described situation.
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The sand point

I am running a 3/4 hp jet pump in a pit under my house about 5' below grade
the well is a Grady plastic, stacked 2-4' X 1 1/4" well points about 15' to 20' deep, and about 100' from my house, and I am pumping up to about 15 gal per min.
It is all sand that is why it is possible. And yeah I get the water tested every few years. The pump vac is about 15' .

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