Water Problems in New House

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Water Problems in New House

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[TD] Hope someone reads this as I just bought a house with well water and have been having issues, mainly with stains on towels and toilet tank full of iron bacteria. Called a local water company and this is what they said I need to do.
.Hardeness 15
tds 650

Recommended new 48,000 softer $1350 and chlorine injection system for the iron bacteria $2995. He said my softener is working, but not doing a good job on the iron and its only 30,000.
One problem is that no one seems to know where the water splits into hot and cold in my house (its a slab, no crawl space and house has had many additions) so this would be only hooked up to the hot water. So, not sure if its worth it, if i cant have both hot and cold chlorinated

First, is the price too high for the chlorine injection systems? Second, would it make sense to do with only hot water?
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Well, doing it only on the hot water wouldn't solve your toilet issues, and would only solve half of your shower issues. How is your current softener hooked up? It's gotta be hooked into the cold water before it gets to the water heater. Also, I don't think most (any?) softeners would allow hot water to be passed through them.

Also, I really don't think a 50% increase in your softener capability will solve all your problems. Are you using salt with iron remover?

I don't know anything about chlorine injection systems... but at first glance, I'd try to stay away from them for my house potable water. Would a UV system do the same thing? I'm not sure... just throwing it out there.
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Oh, please be careful. There are many water softener companies out there who will be happy to take your money and give you nothing. There may be a way to chlorinate your well and kill the iron bacteria without spending much. If you have to bring in a pro, and it cost you a lot, it would be worth it. One big payment versus lots of salt and over the years the salt bills add up.

Here are some web pages from state governments (yes, I know, not to be trusted by some people who live in the woods and only trust Messrs. Smith & Wesson) that explains things better than I can.

Iron in Drinking Water
Iron in Well Water - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Please educate yourself before spending 10 cents on anything. Water tests should cost you something. My state offers tests for ~$20 for a basic health test performed by the county health department. They don't care about iron so much, but they don't like bacteria. "Free" tests are worthless since they want to sell you something. You can spend more on an independent testing company.

Sometimes I like to have a chat with the county enviro guy about these matters. You might want to do the same thing. That is if you trust government anymore, else let the free market reign and spend up the wazoo. Our economy needs you.

Everybody has a little iron, and yes, it stains the white sheets or towels in the washing machine sometimes. A lot is another matter.

Ask your neighbors. Get your hair cut in town and ask. Get to know people and ask many questions. Local knowledge is worth more than what you can get here.

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I asked my neighbors and they have iron, but not the iron bacteria that i do. I agree with he chlorine and im not sure if i care about some stains vs the negative aspects of possibly ingesting chlorine as you said.

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