Suggestions for new holding tank

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Suggestions for new holding tank

Seems this one may have seen it's last days. Hopefully it hasn't damaged my pump in the process but I will fill it up to see if it's water logged.

I went to change the pump switch and drained the tank to check the pressure...I have no pressure. I should have checked the pressure first to determine if it's pumping water from the valve but I didn't suspect anything at the moment.

This is the tank and the supply pipe is 1 3/8". What is the procedure to remove the tank if I need to? Does the tank lift from the base or do I just cut the pipe and sweat a coupler at the tee?

The pump currently takes only 20 seconds or so to go from 40-60 PSI, pump is a Goulds 7GS10. I didn't think anything of it at the time..but it has been like this for a year or so.

The tank currently is an A.O. Smith Aqua-Air V260, if I change it out I may want to go slightly larger if I can but unsure at the moment.

Any input appreciated.
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There should be a threaded NPT fitting at the end of the copper pipe going under the pressure tank. Cut or sweat free the copper pipe and you can then unscrew the pipe from the tank.

You can go larger on the tank if you want but I'd try to get one that fits in the same space as your current one. Otherwise you are in for more work since it looks like your current tank is boxed in on three sides.
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The tanks can also be manifolded together to increase the volume.
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Not sure what you mean by "fill it up to see if it's water logged".

If you depress the air fill valve and water comes out then the bladder has failed and you need to replace the tank.
If little or no air comes out then the tank may be ok and you only need to add air to the bladder.

To add air you need to unplug the pump and open a tap to drain the system.
While the tap is open you add air to the tank and allow all the water to exit the tank then shut off the tap when air comes out of the tap.
Raise the pressure in the bladder to 2 psi less than the cut in pressure of the pump.
IOW if the cut off is 40 psi then pressurize the bladder to 38 psi.

If you do have to replace the tank you would do well to just cut the pipe and add a union so it is easier to remove and replace the tank.

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