Do I need another well drilled??

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Do I need another well drilled??

Well after replacing the pump, tank and regulator I am still running out of water. My well is 322' deed. The water depth checked last weekend was 60'. The distance from the pump to the bottom is 17' so the pump is roughly 43' below the water line.

I have 50psi at the tank when the pump shuts off. The more we use the water during the day the more we loose it. We can get about 1 shower before the water runs out. The pump is engaged but not raising the pressure anymore so it is running but not pumping. Yep I know that is very,very bad. If we let it sit for a while with the breaker to the pump turned off we can switch it back on and instantly have 50 psi.

I am not a well guy but this sounds like to me that for some reason the well is no longer replentishing fast enough to support demand. We have never had this issue over the last 8 years and we are not in a drought area of SC. If anything we are way above average in rain fall.

One person suggested I place a restricto on the line to slow down the pump rate. The pump is a 1hp Myers. That is what we always have had and no issues. So I am considering this or adding 10' back to the line lowering it to 7' above the bottom. My concern here is stirring up to much setiment. We raised it the 10' several years ago because we were replacing house filters about every 2 weeks.

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. Be blunt if needed. You wont offend me at all. I am tired of crawling up under the house and pulling the pump in the cold. So if I get bad news then at least I can call a well company if it is at the point where a professional needs to get involved.

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We have a dug (shallow) well, so I dont know too much about drilled ones but..
A quick google tells me that a typical drilled well is approx 1 gallon of water per foot depth, in your case = 43 gallons.
Old type shower heads can flow up to 5 gallons per minute.
Sounds about right, that you can get a shower out of it, and thats all.

Changing the shower head(s) to low-flow ones would save water, it's not a good powerful shower as the old ones, but it does save water.

Dropping the pump back down could give you another 10 gallons or so, maybe it was just enough ? (at the expense of more filters)

Other options are extending the well depth or hydrofracking the surrounding rock.
Both pretty expensive, and no guarantee ..but if it works, you get a lot more water.

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