water system

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water system

I have a well pump to supply my water and the pressure switch is set to kick on at 35 lbs. and go off at 60 lbs. Lately the water pressure seems low when the pump is on the low side. I have an air tank that is also in the system. How do I check to see that the tank pressure is correct and at what pressure should the tank be?
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You can check your pressure tank air pressure with a air pressure gauge like used for car and bicycle tires. There should be a Schrader valve somewhere on the tank. It may be covered with a plastic cap. You want the air pressure in the pressure tank to be about 2 psi less than the pump's cut in (turn on) pressure. So, if your pump is set to turn on at 35 psi you should have about 33 psi in your tank.

The air pressure of your pressure tank can only be checked when it is empty and the system completely bled down. So, turn off the breaker to your well pump and open a spigot and let it run until the water stops flowing. Then check the air pressure of your tank and adjust as needed by letting air out or putting more in with a air pump or compressor. Once it's set you can turn the breaker to the well pump back on (don't forget to close the spigot).

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