Clarification on increasing water pressure on my well pump.

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Clarification on increasing water pressure on my well pump.

I have a welltrol pressure tank that states it is pre-charged to 40 psi. My pressure switch is a 2 spring switch that reads 30/50. Currently my gauge reads 47 psi. The house doesn't get very good pressure and I would like to increase the pressure to 40-60. What steps should I take to do this and can I do it with current equipment. My understanding from what I have read on here is I should first shut off the power to well, drain pressure tank, check and set air pressure to 38psi, then turn the larger spring/screw 4 turns to increase 12 psi....??????? There does seem to be a lot of different calculations as to how much pressure each turn of the screw increases pressure so some concrete numbers would be appreciated. Thanks
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The first thing I would do is adjust your tank to 27 psi. Your pressure tank should be about 3 psi below the cut-in pressure. If your tank was charged to 40psi, the tank will be more then empty, long before the pressure gets down to 30 psi and the pump kicks on. This is far from an optimum setup.

To set the tank pressure, make sure the tank is drained of water and then remove air or add it until you get a reading of around 27psi. Then refill the system and try it again. 30/50 should provide fine pressure to your house. That is what I would do anyways.
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Yes, you can probably do it with your current equipment but I've never had much trust in counting turns of the adjustment nut since it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I rely on the pressure gauge for final adjustment.

There are two basic types of pressure switch and neither are difficult to adjust. One only has one adjustment and the cut in and out pressures are always about 20 psi apart. When you turn the nut both pressures move together. The other style allows you to independently adjust the cut in and out pressure.

First, make sure the circuit breaker for your well pump is off before making any adjustments. Your wrench will be dangerously close to the 240 volt contactors and I can say from experience if you slip there will be a loud pop and bright flash and some sparks. Not to mention a small pock of material removed from your wrench. If you are unlucky that spark and hole will be in your finger or hand so turn the power off.

First I would tighten the pressure a couple turns and see if that gives you the pressure you want. If not give it another turn and turn the power back on and check the pressure. Then when you get the pressures up where you desire set your pressure tank air pressure 2 or 3 psi below the cut in pressure of your pump.

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