sump pump in window well

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sump pump in window well

Problem: the window well, that exits on the patio slab is flooding with every heavy rainfall, flooding the basement. The slab is inclined towards the house wall. I installed a 1/2 hp Utilitech sump pump in the well (dug 20 inch depression, put bucket with holes as pump base). The well is about 7.50-8 feet deep now. The pump doesn't push water up the pipe even to 1 foot( flexible pipe runs outside the house onto the lawn). any suggestions?

Thank you
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Welcome to the forum.
When you say inclined, you mean it slopes away from the house (higher at the house then the opposite side?
How large is the patio slab?

Usually gutters is the first suggestion that comes up. In your case, the slab will be the primary issue (followed by gutters if there are none).
For the window well, how high above grade does the well wall go?

Would it be possible to post pictures, both further away and close up inside the well?
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The slab is inclined towards the house wall
That sounds like the slab is pitched towards the house.

As far as the pump.... a 1/2 hp pump should be able to lift 8' with no issues. There should be a head listing with the pump that will tell you its maximum lift potential.
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Although I agree the pump should do the job, I don't think using one is the way to go.
I hope the OP returns with a bit more info. I have a few different ideas for thier situation, just need to know a bit more in order to provide the correct one.
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Pull the pump and install it in a 5 gal bucket and try it with the pipe installed. If it works, place a 4" cinder block or a patio pavers into the bottom of your well then place the pump on that to keep any crud from plugging up the suction of the pump.
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Build a pit with solid bottom to collect the water runoff from the patio and put the sump pump in there.

Install or improve a perimeter drain system (French drain) at basement footing level. This should have its own pit and sump pump.

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