Help! Perimeter drain constantly carrying water to sump pump!


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Help! Perimeter drain constantly carrying water to sump pump!

Hi All!

Thank you for reading this post and helping us out. We recently moved into our house and though we love it, we hate the basement problems we'v been dealing with from day 1. To give a bit of history, ever since we moved in, we have had 7 inches of water 4 or 5 times in the basement in the 2 months of summer rains. The previous home owners mention they have never had water in the last 10yrs they'v lived in this house with a fully furnished basement. As of 2 weeks ago, we got a french perimeter drain system installed with 2 (1/2) horse power sump pumps. The other alternative we thought about was to get a check valve installed in the city's main drainage system outside our neighbor's house that was 2 blocks away from ours. After the installation, the system got tested when we had a heavy rain and the basement was bone dry as the perimeter drains were very effectively channeling water into the sump pit and throwing the water out. We felt everything was picture perfect. We decided that we should also install the check valve system which the city's guys broke during a routine drain cleanup process. Every since then, we have noticed a very steady stream of water being channeled into the sump pump pit, through one of the perimeter drains alongside 1 wall. And this happens during heavy rains, and during days and days of absolutely no rain. The sump pit is pretty deep and to give you an idea of the quantity of water, the sump pump will throw out water once every 20minutes, EVERYDAY for the last few days since the check valve was installed. Prior to that, there was NO steady stream of water entering the pits at all. We are concerned because A) where is this water coming from B) could the check valve installation have broken something causing water to continuously flow into the drainage pipes alongside that 1 particular wall, C) We do not have a battery backup and D) our pumps life will be shortened if they have to work constantly. We are working on getting a battery backup but we really urgently need to understand where the water is coming from. I am so sorry for this lengthy post but any help would be highly appreciated at this point. Thank you so so much in advance!
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Do you have city water or a well/pump? For the latter, turn off the pump for several hours and see if the sump pit is still filling rapidly. Could there be a fresh water leak underground?

What is the check valve for? Where is the check valve?

Is the water coming into the sump pump pit clean or dirty?

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