well water problems

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well water problems

hello all,

i am glad i came across this forum, it seems that you guys might help me, and i need help asap.

i bought a house back in october. it was old, but in a good shape (professional opinion of the real estate broker who represented me as a buyer)

whatever i say since now on, please excuse my lack of knowledge / proper terminology / possibly ignorance? i never owned a house before, and have never had a chance to learn

the house came with a well, water heater, water softening system and an additional under the sink filter (any of those might be irrelevant, but as i mentioned before, i know nothing about plumbing)

about a month ago i had a problem with the water softening system (it started making weird noises one night), so i reset it and it was OK afterwards.

for a few days i have been noticing funny metallic smell in the water. i checked the water softener tank, and it was low on pellets, so i added more. in the evening while running a bath for my kids i found out that the water coming out of the tap was brownish and the smell intensified.

i immediately called a plumber, but it is hard to find someone on easter weekend, and it the only professional who actually answered my call can come on thursday afternoon.

do you have ANY suggestions? what would you do next? i am so in the dark if it comes to such issues, and i really do not entertain the idea of being stuck with this problem for the easter weekend:/

i will appreciate your help, and yet again, i apologize for this highly "ignorant" post.
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Good Morning,

I'm not a professional by any means, but we've had this happen to our well water too! Next to your water softner, do you have a sediment filter? When our water gets brown and stinky, we have to "backwash" the sediment filter. If you haven't got one, you might think about getting one. They're totally worth the money.

We've had one for a year and still haven't figured out why we're getting sediment and odor from our well but we're working on solving that.

If you're not sure if you've got a sediment filter, this is what mine looks like: Aqua-Pure« Backwash Filtration System - 3M Aqua-Pure

They can be larger or smaller. Some with digital screens and some with "wheel" type controls.

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