Well tank leaking - should I replace everything?


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Well tank leaking - should I replace everything?

I have a well tank setup that has been running fine for 16+ years. AT66 Air-E-Tainer.
Over the weekend it developed a small (drip) leak in the connection pipe between the tank and the Brass T. See the pics below (pic 2 is where its leaking). My setup is a little starnge:
It runs in PEX/POLY Pipe from the well, transitions to Black or galvanized Pipe, then goes to the brass T, the other end goes to CPVC and then to copper.
My questions is should I replace everything or just the pipe that is leaking (CPVC???). If I replace everything do I use copper or CPVC?

What type of material would be used for a typical installation today between Poly from the well head and Copper in the house? Also How long does a tank last?


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This is what I would do. Replace all the galvanized pipe with CPVC. But leave the tank and its lead in pipe as-is. The pressure tank is okay so long as its pressure as measured from the top Schrader valve equals and flucturates with the system pressure except with a minimum as you preset it (typically a tad below pump turn on pressure). And, if you turn off the pump and open faucets and depressurize the system, the pressure tanks bottoms out at that minimum.
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Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to check and reset the pre-charge air in that tank once you have it completely empty of water. Over years some of that air will probably leak out and as it does the amount of water you get between pump cycles will also reduce. The pre-charged air in the tank (when empty of water) should be about 2-3psi below your cut in pressure of the pump. If done correctly you should get about 30% of the volume of that tank in water drawdown between pump cycles. Certainly over 25% at least.
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hi srejto Ė

Iím no expert, no plumber to say the least. (lol) I could be wrong but it looks like you have to do some pipe cutting to fix that drip. I see the union on the left in the picture (I think thatís a union) but I donít think that union is sufficient to allow access to the tank piping. Since the CPVC on the right is newer maybe in the past there was a union there on the right also?

If you do replace some things maybe could replace the tank tee with one that has a union like the one below, so itís easy to replace or repair the tank in the future? Maybe Iím wrong . If so the other guys can chime in.

Fabricated Tank Cross w/ Union | Simmons Manufacturing Company :: Manufacturer of high quality American made water well supplies since 1957
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