Groundwater Draining Into Septic Tank

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Groundwater Draining Into Septic Tank

I have groundwater draining into my septic tank from the bottom of the riser.

I noticed the sound of water coming from the septic tank when no water was running in the house a few days after a huge rainstorm and went to investigate.

I removed the riser lid and saw a noticeable stream of water coming from under the riser, where the riser meets the top of the tank, and into the tank.

I had a septic specialist out here who said as much and said to fix it would require digging down to the riser, diverting water and sealing around where the riser meets the tank.

Now, can I do this myself?

Digging and patching concrete are all things I've done before (although not on a septic system) and are not hard, but coughing up $2 to $3 thousand ( ) for the septic company to do it is.
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Sure you can do it yourself.. Not sure what riser is there now. You may want to start over and get new stuff. Like adapter ring and Butyl Sealant Rope..

Digging is the hardest part...

Example link...for reference....

Septic Tank Risers & Lids - Polylok Septic Tank Risers

Last a word of caution... never work alone near the septic tank opening. You can die an instant death if you fall in...Always have a helper and a ladder near by. Always think of what could happen and prepare...
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for $3k you can get a whole new tank. I paid 3.8k for a top of the line 1500 gallon infiltrator poly tank. installed with risers + new PVC from house. this in the ripoff suburbs of chicago.

my tank was letting ground water in as well. but through various cracks in the tank and corroded lid. no way to fix it.

what you have sounds entirely do-able by yourself. do it.

new poly riser with sealant rope like lawrosa says.

or for a quick & dirty fix you might try hydraulic cement and roofing tar?
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What is your riser made of? Precast concrete pipe, bricks & mortar, plastic?

Like has been mentioned the digging is the hardest part of the job. Then the next hardest part is thoroughly cleaning the riser and tank so your repair will stick whether it be hydraulic cement or butyl.

My local septic tank company make riser assemblies that are very easy to install if you have the machinery to lift them. They cast a square concrete base around a plastic riser. You clean off the top of the tank. Run the butyl rope around the opening and set the riser assembly in place. It's weight helps keep it secure while you back fill. Key to it all are making sure the top of the tank is flat enough and that it is clean.

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