Extremely low water pressure from well pump


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Extremely low water pressure from well pump

Hello -

My mother has a well pump and has been complaining that the water pressure has gradually been getting lower so I decided to look at it. First thing that I noticed is that the pressure gauge is stuck on 20 PSI....it has yet to move after days. I released all the water from the tank and replaced the switch. No change. The switch is stuck with the contacts touching but the gauge does not move. What could this be? By banging on the tank, the bottom has a thug while the top is a hollow sound (That eliminates the tank right?) Is the well pump bad? How do I confirm this?

Thanks for your help
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I will get this info ASAP.

1: submersible pump or jet pump.
2: age of well if known.
3: depth of well if known.
4: diameter of well if known.
5: voltage of pump if known.
6: brand of pump/controller if known.
7: size of tank if known.
8: The more details you can give. The more we can help
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Welcome to the forums.

The tank stores pressurized water and smooths the operation. It doesn't control the system pressure. When you let the water out did the gauge still read 20psi...... if it did it needs to be replaced also although it won't cause your problem.

I'm guessing this is a submersible(deep well) system where the pump is in the ground ?
Do you have a voltmeter to check for power at the pressure switch ?
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To properly set up the system you will need a working pressure gauge on the water line and a accurate tire pressure gauge. When the system is off and the water pressure relieved (you open a faucet and nothing comes out) the air pressure in the pressure tank should be set to 2-3 psi less than the pumps cut in (turn on) pressure. This is of secondary importance and is only to help insure a smooth water flow in the house.

If the pressure switch seems stuck closed it is possible the switch is bad. It's also possible the system can not get up to the cut out (turn off) pressure so the switch is calling for the pump to keep running. This could be caused by a worn out pump, leak or a clogged venturi depending on the type of pump setup.

Once you have a working pressure gauge on the system turn on the pump and you should see the gauge go up. Make sure nothing in the house is using water. No toilets filling, no dishwasher running... Then turn off the power to the pump and watch the pressure gauge. It should remain steady. If it drops there is a leak somewhere. It could be a leaking check or foot valve or a leaking pipe or fitting. If the pressure gauge holds steady with the pump off but the system never gets up to full pressure when the pump is running then I suspect the pump or a clogged venturi (if you have a deep well jet pump).

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