winterizing house with air

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winterizing house with air

Looking for a little feedback. I own a summer home in PA mountains. We plan on going there Christmas and perhaps a few times in the winter but not too much. The house has a crawl space where the hot water heater as well as the water well pressure tank is located. I heat wrapped all my pipes and lowered my heat to 50 in the house. I have the water pump off as well as the hot water heater power. After getting my first electricity bill and we have not even hit the cold cold months I am ready to take a different approach for when I am not there. I would like to blow out all the lines and add the marine anti freeze to all the traps and toilets and drain the hot water tank. The house is real small with not too much plumbing so spending15 minutes at the end of any winter trips to winterize the house and save hundreds of dollars a month is well worth it. Now as far as blowing the air into the system this is where I would like a little advise. I blow out my irrigation system and my home each year so I have the hookups and knowledge for that but am confused about the whole house but more importantly the water well pressure tank. I have a outdoor faucet which is right by my garage and by the air compressor. Can I hook up the air line to that and send the air into the system that way? Also what about the pressure tank that the water well sends water into (I am new to water wells, my fulltime home has municipal water) do I have to shut the valve off to that in other words if the air hits the pressure tank will it harm it or do I have to make sure the pressure tank valve after the tank is closed. I apologize for the long winded question and I appreciate any feedback.
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Ideally you want the lowest point open so that the water will naturally drain to that point.
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And don't forget about the Water Filter (if you have one).

As a Real Estate Broker, I deal with a lot of Foreclosures and even when they've had a professional Trash Out and Winterization . . . . those Water Filters canisters are often overlooked (until the water system is reactivated).
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I would let everything drain, out the lowest level tap you have, before you hook up the air compressor (water might want to flow out that outside tap as well). Open all taps when you are doing this. The good news about the pressure tank is that the pressurized air on the other side of its bladder will push the water right out of it. The issue then, is not to push any more water back into it with your air compressor. If you have a shut off tap to the pressure tank, turn that off, after you drain all the water and you should be good to go.

If you have a 40 gallon hot water tank, plan to take a little longer then 15 minutes to winterize. It will probably take 45 minutes just to drain. I also blow this out, like the other taps with my compressor.

If you have a dishwasher and/or washing machine you need to put some anti-freeze in them and run it until you hear the pump sucking the water out the exit piping. I usually pressurize the system and run it until it wants to bring water in, first, just to get rid of that, and then I go for the exit suck with the anti-freeze in it. I usually do all this twice. Actually I do everything twice. Good luck.

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