Question on Nitrates in well water


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Question on Nitrates in well water

We are looking at a property that the well just tested high for nitrates. Problem is we want to have livestock and I do not know how that can affect them. Is there some sort of a filteration system that can be put on the well itself to filter the nitrates? Also is it possible the septic is causing this problem even though there is no bacteria present in the water? If it makes any difference the current tenant has been putting yeast into the septic every month. We are located in the anza area of california.
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Well Water Nitrate Filters - Nitrate Removal - Nitrates - Nitrites - Nitrate Filtration Systems

That site claims that it has a filter that works against nitrates. There are others. I have no idea if they work or not. There are people who will say that the nitrates won't bother the livestock or people, under a certain level. I don't believe a word of it. Poison in any amount is still poison.
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The nitrates are usually from farm chemicals or livestock runoff. It could also indicate a shallow well or a broken/cracked well casing. If it has anything to do with your septic system you must have a pretty shallow well. LOL Either way, talk to your county extension office about whether the levels are safe or not. It could be "high" and still be within the range that is acceptable.
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Down here in Florida the orange growers ruined the groundwater with nitrates. Now everyone that has a well has to test and treat.

From this page: Nitrates and Nitrites in Well Water - Water Testing and Groundwater Water Treatment for Nitrates and Nitrites

If water contaminant levels are found to be consistently above their MCLs, water suppliers must take steps to reduce the amount of nitrates/nitrites so that they are consistently below that level. The following treatment methods have been approved by EPA for removing nitrates/nitrites: Ion exchange, Home Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Systems, Electrodialysis.

For removal of nitrates in drinking water the preferred method that is highly effective is reverse osmosis (RO). Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are very reasonably priced and can be easily maintained by the average homeowner.

See recommended reverse osmosis systems for nitrate and Nitrite removal in well drinking water.

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