Why I am I not getting water?

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Why I am I not getting water?

My mother-in-law's dog Dug up and chewed the power line to my pump, So when it rained last Thursday it shorted out.. I fixed the line and when I turned the power back on there still was no water so I took the pump off and had some one look at it. I was told that the shaft seal needed to be replaced. So today I when and replaced the Shaft seal, pressure gauge and the Impeller came home put the pump back on and powered it up..Now a little water was coming out of the Faucet at the pump house, but not a lot after about 30 mins the pressure for that faucet was ok but only a small stream from inside the house, after an hour and a half still same and the gauge shows no pressure at all and tank is empty... can anyone tell me what to do next?
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Just a guess: Does air have to bled out of the system?
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Picture of the pump would be nice.
Some need to be primed.
Running it with no water in the pumps going to just burn out that seal again.
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Ok I did prime it before I ran it for an hour and a half. There was water coming out of the faucet at the pump house or well house what ever you call it.. just not a lot
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Here are some photos of the setup.. please let me know if more are needed
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Sounds like pressure switch never turned on pump. You were just using remaining water in pressure tank?
A close up of pressure switch with cover off would be nice. With some pressure switches, like mine for instance, it has a lever on side to prime line. If pressure falls below your low cutoff pressure (usually 30 or 40 psi), the switch shuts down so it doesn't burn out pump. You need to hold pressure switch lever up until pressure gauge is above low cutoff.
While your at it, put a tire gauge on pressure tank to see what pressure the tank is at...it should be at least 28psi (or about 2 psi lower than your low cutoff setting).
As for priming system...get the manual.

Did you hear pump turn on when you fixed electrical? Did you hook it up right? When dog chewed through line, did it flip breaker?
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That's unusual. Is that a pressure reducing valve (PRV)? I have never seen one installed on a well pump system. But since the pump is turning on we can assume the line to the switch is clear and the switch is working.

Is that a self priming pump or do you have to prime it? I know you said you primed it but did it take? Does the priming need to be repeated? Getting a little water at the well house is common and does not indicate that the pump was primed. You may have gotten your priming water out of the spigot without the pump actually being primed. Some can be a real bugger to prime especially if the foot valve is leaking.

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