Norweco Singulair septic system alarm

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Norweco Singulair septic system alarm

Good Morning.
New to this forum. I have a Norweco Singulair aerobic septic system and I have an alarm going off. I have confirmed operation of both the aerator and the effluent pump to the sprinklers. All of the floats are operating correctly and giving the proper alarms. The aerator is operating normally and the amperage draw is within limits, the motor is not running hot and air flow is good through the aerator. I essentially have a normally operating system but the amber light is still lit and I have audible alarm. Since Norweco disagrees with the concept of anyone but their 'authorized' service people doing service and repairs to the system, I have not gotten any help from them or their 'authorized' service people (who offered to replace and upgrade my controller for about $600). The system was installed new when we built our house in 2002 and other than replacing effluent pump motor once and the aerator motor 3 times it has been an OK system. I took a class a few years ago to be able to service and maintain my system in our county. I got tired of paying an arm and leg for the mandated 'service contract' for someone to come and inspect my system, put some chlorine tablets in and do nothing else. It only got worse when I realized that 2 of the aerators failed due to poor maintenance/no maintenance which should have been provided by the 'authorized' service people under their 'service contract'. Anyway, enough of that rant. Can anyone provide any insights as to what could be the problem? I am OK with replacing the controller and I know I can get one a lot cheaper from other dealers (it is an analog controller-no fancy electronics), but If there is a bad relay or other part that is allowing the alarm circuit to close due to it being damaged, I would really rather just replace the bad part. We have had a number of bad storms here in Central Texas and perhaps we have had some lightning damage, but not sure. I would appreciate any help.


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If your aerator is working by disconnecting the red wire and the black wire on the control panel.
Then connecting the hot wire from the house to hot wire from the aerator.
Then your control panel is bad & you need to replace the control panel.
$600.00 to replace a control panel is a good price.
I charge $725.00 parts & labor.
I do not know of any parts you can fix in the control panel.
When one goes bad we just swap them out.
If you have gone through 3 Norweco brand aerators in 14 years that is very unusual.
If they went up due bearing failure you are probably getting a lot of stuff wrapped around the shaft like lint, baby wipes or other stuff you should not be flushing.
Also if the aerator has been under water a lot from your pump chamber backing up into the Norweco tank.
If not bearing failure then I would check the wiring from the control panel to the female plug.
With the control panel bypassed & the aerator wired direct you should have 109 -121 volts at the female plug.
I would also replace the female plug.
We find a lot of times the electrician did a poor job making the connections in the plug.
If you replace the plug make sure you replace it with one from a Norweco dealer and when you plug the aerator in make sure it is plugged together tight or the alarm will go off & short the plug out.
Other plugs will cause the alarm to go off.

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