Chlorinated well, now no water

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Chlorinated well, now no water

Just moved into a house with a well for the firs time. It was recommended to me to to shock chlorinate to try to get rid of sulfur smell in water. Directions seemed easy enough so I did it last night.

Everything was fine last night. Problem is I went to flush the system today, and now the water barely dribbles or doesn't work at all. This is from all faucets and hoses. The pressure on the tank was around 60, later dropped to ~28, then fell to zero. Now back up to ~28.

I'm afraid the pump is burned out or clogged with debris and it will be very expensive. Of course it's the weekend...

Any help greatly appreciated.
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I would question whether chlorine can ever permanently remove sulfur from the water . . . . but it will kill most any living organisms in the water . . . . including bacteria; but also larger bulky organic matter like algae.

Was this a shallow well, and did you have a filter on the incoming water line . . . . a filter which may now be clogged with dead or decaying matter ?

How much bleach were you encouraged to use . . . . or how much did you use ?
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I have shocked/chlorinated many wells and have never had it clog or kill a pump.

What type pump do you have?

What procedure did you use to shock the well?
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It's a 300 ft well. I think it's a submersible pump, don't know brand. I don't see any water filters that could have been clogged. I used ~1.5 gal bleach. First used 1 gal; never smelled it after running water, so added another half gal or so.

Basically, added bleach to water, added to well, recirculated water in well, ran water out of taps until chlorine smelled, and left it overnight. Bypassed softener. Water definitely discolored. This am, started flushing water out of hose. Went for maybe 30 min, then noticed water flow dropping. Turned off for a while, tried again. Sometimes water flows for a while and then stops, sometimes barely at all. Faucets barely dribble now. I can't tell if pump runs or not (not sure how to tell this. Don't hear anything).

Could I have burned pump out somehow? Or could pump or water lines be clogged with junk? If there's pressure (~28 psi) in water tank does shy mean the pump is working?
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The pressure on the tank was around 60... [now]there's pressure (~28 psi)
Is it a bladder tank? Have you tried adding air to the bladder.

Way out of my field but I wonder if bleach could affect a failing blader.

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