All sump pumps stopped working

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All sump pumps stopped working

In NJ, we had heavy rain on Sunday night and my three of the properties had 5 Sump Pump and all of them stopped working and not pumping water. I could hear pump is running but no water was coming out where as one of them no sound from pump at all. I will break down issue below so someone can provide me help. I must be doing something wrong since it cannot be such issue all the pump.

1) Pump which felt is was running, and even PVC connected to pump you feel water is moving but it was not.
I opened up Union between Pump and PVC pipe for outlet and turn on water. Water was not moving out. Very little water was coming out. I shake pump little and it started pumping normal water. My basement was full of water. I really want to solve this issue so I do not have to shake pump to work since I am not their during such heavy rain to shake pump to work.

2) Pump which was not running at all, I removed power plugged and put it back and it started working. Easy to solve but problem is damage was done before it can be done. How can I make sure I have pump running flawlessly ?

What are the steps to make sure it is working uninterruptedly ? How about adding timer in power plug which will turn off and on power every 1/2 hour ?
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Probably pump wingdings shot on the one, and maybe the float on the other...

What king of pumps are they?
Are they in a pit?
Was there debris in the pit possibly locking up impeller?
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It is different brand pumps - Everbilt, Harbor Freight (DRUMOND) with vertical float
Yes, They are in PIT.
Debris could be blocking the propeller since over the period stiff may have gone in pit. Also, some dirt from bottom might be affecting ? What is fool proof way to prevent such thing ? at the same time making sure it is serviceable.
Home Depot pit comes with Cover but still it does not close fully and when water start backing up in basement, all paper and leaves etc from basement starts flowing towards the pump. Though I did not see much of them at pump. Also, remember I am talking about 4 pumps, scenario could be with one not all.

I am really trying to find out what other people do so they can sleep.

I am planning to some sensors so it can alarm to tenant.
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The best method to insure your pumps operate is to check on them periodically. You can also make a cover over your pit with hardware cloth to prevent debris from being washed into the pit. But nothing is foolproof. Sometimes you have to pull the pump out or stick your arm down in the water.
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Everbuilt, Harbor Freight (DRUMOND)

Cant say I've ever heard brand Everbuilt but I'd question the quality of anything from HF.

I learned long a go you never, ever, want to go cheap with a sump pump.

There are many good ones but I will swear by Liberty pumps, they are bullet proof.
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I would give the pumps separate discharge pipes (if not already) to make sure that a blockage in one discharge pipe does not put two or more pumps out of service.

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