Pump Leaking during hard Freeze?

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Pump Leaking during hard Freeze?

My house is on pilings. The pilings are enclosed but the space is not sealed or conditioned. My well pump is in that space and last night it was in the mid-teens. I put heat strips on the pump itself and two small space heaters near by the pump all night. I also left a faucet dripping. My HWH is outside, with an insulation blanket and a box around it. This morning I tried to turn on the hot water and nothing came out. Cold worked but with reduced flow. I went downstairs to find the pump leaking. The pump was running. Warm water was leaking out. Any thoughts on what the problem could be? Thanks in advance,
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Sounds like there's an ice-plug somewhere in the rest of the system.

The water leaking out of the pump is warm because the pump is running, not because of any hot-water heater issues. Sounds like the pump-shut off may have iced-over, preventing it from shutting off.

Use the "mix valves" in your faucettes to shunt hot water into the cold water system to de-ice the cold water.

Open up the hot water in each faucette, going fixture by fixture.
Start the clothes washer, have it draw hot water, to make sure the water is actually hot.

Now, in each bathroom, flush the toilet, then turn the faucette to warm, but block the faucette output with the palm of your hand.

This will create a draw in the cold water line to the toilet, and a bridge between the hot and cold water sides of the plumbing.

After a few minutes you should hear the toilet filling, which indicates that the hot water is flowing through the faucett into the cold water system, and then into the toilet.

Repeat for ech branch of the plumbing system.
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What State are you in ?

And, what kind of well are you attempting to draw water from, and how deep is the water line ?

My own water is drawn from a shallow well on my own property about 425' from the house; but with only about 12" of snow on the ground, and night time temperatures dropping down to -34F, I think the frost is toying with freezing my incoming water which is only 48" below grade, so I'm keeping it running at a trickle, so that the pump is activated every 12-15 minutes.

Probably not a project for January 2018; but you may want to consider moving some or all of those critical components indoors !
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One problem I often see is people leave a the cold water running instead of the hot water. This means no water is circulating through the lines going to and from the water heater so they often freeze.

You didn't say what type pump system you have or where the water is leaking so it's impossible to say what's going on.

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