Dual water system

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Dual water system

Let me say right up front that I am not a plumber or well driller and know very little about well and pump systems. I had an issue with my water well and had to temporally connect to my sprinkler well to supply the house. All I did was add a pressure switch to the sprinkler pump and a garden hose from the sprinkler system to the house system. I found that the water from that well was even better than the house well so I would like to have the option of using either well for water supply to the house and also maintain the sprinkler system as is. I think it likely I am not the first to consider this but can find nothing online that addresses it. The drawing is a Concept ONLY and there is no scale. The images that make up the drawing are only clips from the Internet and donít necessarily represent what actually exist in my system. Also not shown are some items in the existing house system. I am looking for sincere feedback on this CONCEPT. Go to www.sstowers.com/well for a hi-res image.
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Moccasin -

Well this is pretty late to answer your post, and I donít know if you are even checking back here anymore, but I will make a few comments.

Iím not sure if you want only comments from pros when you say

ďI am looking for sincere feedback on this CONCEPTÖĒ

Iím not a pro nor expert but Iíll comment anyway.

(1) Really nice drawing. But assuming I understand correctly I would make one suggestion. I think it would be better if you showed the piping to the pressure tank with that horizontal pipe with Check Valve ďAĒ appearing in front of the tank, not behind the tank, so it is clear that there is only one pipe connected into the pressure tank Ė not three. However, it does look like just one connection on the larger drawing, but IMHO it is not absolutely clear.

(2) It seems to me it would all operate as you describe but assuming I understand correctly (big if) I would question the use of Check Valve ďAĒ. If I understand , it seems to me that all Check Valve ďAĒ buys you is that when the sprinklers turn ON, any water in the pressure tank is not used to supply the sprinklers but is reserved for the house. I think thatís good. But it seems to me it only buys you a 1/2 tank drawdown on average before you run into trouble if the sprinklers are running. So it seems to me when the sprinklers run, and given that the sprinkler submersible pump output will closely match the sprinkler demand, the submersible pump will not be able to supply much (or any) of the demand from the house.

Whatever is in the pressure tank at that time the sprinklers turn ON can be used for the house, but after that the demand problems start. Given that 1/2 the drawdown would probably be no more that 7-8 gallons, is it really worth it to add the check valve to postpone the demand problem for 7-8 gallons?

But of course that trade-off is all subjective Ė and Iím not confident I really understand the operation.

It does seem to me anyway that it would work as you say.

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