Check valve clicking. Need vacuum breaker?


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Check valve clicking. Need vacuum breaker?

Had an older pump with a quiet check value in place about 3' above the pump. I bought a new pump / battery backup combo (Wayne) that has check valves for each pump fitted down by the pump ejection ports. I left the quiet valve in place to make swapping in new pumps easyier. The problem is that after the pump runs, I get 6 to 10 clicks before quiet. I think what is happening is the line (has an extension on it so it is pretty long) is siphoning back through both the silent check valve and the two new not-so-silent check valves and it the new values are bouncing back and forth a few times until the pressure equalizes. It probably did the same with just the quiet valve on the old pump but I didn't hear it.

So what's the best remedy? Take out the two new check values and just leave the quiet one? Drill a weep hole between the new check valve and the silent one? Install a aav or vacuum breaker outside? I'm hesitant installing a vacuum breaker outside. Worried it will freeze up in the winter. Any thoughts?
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Take out the upper check valve and install a union in its place.

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we always drill a 1/8" hole above the ck valve to make it easier on the pump,,, why 2 ? if horizonta pipe, drill on the btm

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