Low pressure

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Low pressure

I have a submersible pump with a 40/60 pressure switch at the tank. I drained my pressure tank, made sure the bladder is at 38psi. When I run my clothes washer I am down to a trickle at other faucets. It didn't used to be this way. My pump still runs the same amount of time to fill the tank, so it is not lagging. I have bypassed my softener and filters thinking they might be the problem but it's still the same.
Could there be a problem with the valve or something on the softener even though I bypassed it? I have a pressure gauge at the other end of the house on incoming water to my R.O system and it reads between 40 and 60 when nothing else is in use.
I have 3/4" cpvc with 1/2" running to faucets.
I used to be able to shower when a toilet was flushed or other faucets running, but not anymore.
Any ideas?
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You might have a restriction (clog) or leak in your water piping. First, make sure nothing in the house is using water and let your water system get up to full pressure. Turn off the circuit breaker for your well pump. Then watch the water pressure. It shouldn't drop. If it drops water is leaking somewhere.

If your pressure holds for an hour or so then turn the breaker for the pump back on. Now go through your house and turn each faucet or spigot on one by one. You are looking for any that seem to flow their old, strong flow and others that seem to be weaker than you remember.

Also, if you have an outdoor spigot go open it as quickly as you can and let it run for about 30 seconds. How was the water pressure/flow when you first opened the spigot? Did the flow or pressure seem to drop after a while?

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