Option for drywell drainage


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Option for drywell drainage

I have a large drywell pit that seems lately to be getting overloaded w flood water .,even with sump.pump in-though thats helping a lot. .Would adding pvc pipe ,the white type,with no holes ,to the side of the dry well about a ft from top,an running it to the ditch 70 ft away downhill be a good way to get a quicker drainage during the high rains?
If so what size pipe an technique/pitch?
Any other ideas that can help are appreciated
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a bit more detail would be helpful.
1) so there's a pump down in the drywell? outside? where does it discharge?
2) you have slope 70ft away such that water will run downhill?? how far downhill?
3) Is this drywell collecting water from a sump pump in the house? or the downspouts? or just surface water on the ground?
4) how much water are we talking about?? 100 gals? 1,000 gals? 1000 gals/minute?

if you have downhill slope 70ft away then there's no reason for you to have a drywell. but since it's there, YES, connect a drain pipe to it and drain it downhill. let gravity do the work. put the pipe as deep at you can and still have positive drainage downhill.

however, more detail is needed to give you more specific direction (size of pipe, how deep you can go, drywell construction & method to connect pipe to drywell, methods to direct surface water and drainage into the drywell, etc etc etc).
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ok well I think I saw your other thread https://www.doityourself.com/forum/e...ring-pump.html

so where is that pump discharging to?? what's over there?? your neighbor?

so it basically looks like you're taking on surface water from your one neighbor who is higher. and pumping it to your other neighbor who is lower. You don't need a drywell or pump to do this... rent a bobcat and dig a swale along the back fence line. make sure it's sloped downhill. the surface water will just flow over your propety like a river.

assuming your local authority having jurisdiction will allow you to do so....

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