Sewage Ejector Pump


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Sewage Ejector Pump

I have a small building on my property with a toilet, sink and shower. When I built it, I could not get enough fall for a gravity drain to the septic tank, so I installed a sewage ejector pump immediately outside the building, which has a discharge to pump the waste to the septic tank.

All has been great for the last couple of years; however, a couple of days ago, the pump failed. When I opened the sump, there was a large accumulation of toilet paper on top , which appears to have interfered with the float switch operation. I cleaned out the sump and replaced the pump and it's again operating perfectly.

When the sewer discharge from the building empties into the tank, it seems that the toilet paper will naturally float to the top of the liquid, so grinding it and pumping it will not occur. The paper will continue to accumulate of top. We are very careful that NOTHING but toilet paper goes in (no paper towels, baby wipes, etc).

Is there anything that can be done, or will I simply need to clean out the sump periodically? I assume this is a common problem with sewer ejection pumps?
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You said the pump quit working but the system worked for fine years prior. So, you don't know that the toilet paper is causing any problem. It worked fine for years. The only problem has been the pump failing.

I have never seen toilet paper interfere or cause a problem with the float switch. It certainly could happen but I've never seen it and I've had an ejector pit in my house for 15+ years. My pump has died once but I've never had a problem caused by toilet paper interfering with the float switches.

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