Help to identify the pipe in my garden

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Help to identify the pipe in my garden


The garden was neglected by the previous owner but once i started cleaning it up i saw this thing

It is 6 in diameter, has seal on in inside but it was not pushed down on the pipe, it was just sitting flushed with it (i guess it got pushed upward by the dirt). The pipe seems about 5 ft deep till the water level, don't know how deep below the water level. There is a sealed well under front porch stairs and the pipe in the garden located about 10 ft away from the stairs.

Anyone can help me identify what is that and if i can just clear around the pipe, put that thing back on so it sits tight on it and be done with it, do i need to keep it covered with dirt or not because it is definitely will be below ground level (maybe 3-4 in).

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Welcome to the forums.

It looks like a cleanout of some type. Do you have city sewer or septic ?
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If you're unsure or can't determine what it's for, keep it clear and available for possible access. That's the easy way.
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Had a city guy to come and look at it - he could not tell what is it for, there is a clean out near by, so this is something else. He asked me to flush the toilet to see if the water would move but it did not. At this point he told me just to clean around it, put the cap back and keep a rock on top of it for ease of identification. And that is what I will do.
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Have you stuck anything down it to see how deep it is? At 6" in diameter it could be an old well. If it is a well I would consider filling it in or putting a more secure cap on it.

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