Mysterious well symptoms


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Mysterious well symptoms

hello everyone, new member here.

i’ve been having an issue with one of our two wells that is baffling me. First off it is a 350’ deep well with the 1 hp pump set at 340’. What it is doing is only building pressure to around 30 psi, that however is not the confusing part. It will hold 30 psi whether I am drawing 1 gallon a minute or 12. Out of the blue it will start filling the pressure tank and climb up to cut off pressure. Once it gets back down to cut in pressure it will start the cycle over again, stuck around 30 psi. The pressure tank will only fill when the gauge starts climbing indicating a building pressure. It will also stay stuck at around 30 psi with no water draw at all. Pressure switch is defiantly good as is the pump motor (winding test) and control box. Any thoughts on this one?
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Welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I'm not grasping the problem.

Can you tell when your pump is actually running ?
Sometimes you can hear a vibration or feel it in the pipe coming from the well.
Does the gauge fluctuate when pumping ?

You're telling us that you get the same delivery out of the system. That means if you were to open a faucet at the well..... it would stay at 30psi and never change..... and then when you shut the valve the pump would still be running but it would not go over 30psi ?

It almost sounds like a sticking gauge OR if the valve and gauge are on the same small 1/4" pipe...... it could be the pipe is plugged with rust.
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Sorry I should’ve been a little more clear… The pump will run continuously but only get to around 30 psi which it will hold no matter what. The gauge is fine because I have another one down line of that lines up with that one perfectly. The confusing part is the amount of water delivered and the fact that it will randomly start working normally but only for one cycle. And like I said the tank only fills when the pressure starts climbing. And yes what you said is correct about the pressure not moving regardless of whether water is running

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