Increasing Water Pressure


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Increasing Water Pressure

I have a well system and it is currently set to 20/40 for pressure.

My pressure tank is needing replaced and I would like to increase my pressure. I know I can adjust my pressure switch and was thinking of going to 30/50.

My concern is this, my well pump is 27 years old. Would increasing the pressure potentially cause issues with my well pump?


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It depends on your pump. Most submerssibles are capable of going to higher pressures without much trouble. A above ground jet pumps can't achieve as high pressures but still should be able to make 50 psi. Go ahead and make the adjustment and see what happens. Usually the biggest risk is due to the added strain on the house's piping. It's no problem for modern piping in good condition but it can cause trouble with old copper and galvanized steel pipes. Even then the problems were coming so going to a higher pressure only points out weak areas that would start leaking in a few years.
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Thanks for the thoughts. I'm not really concerned about the home plumbing, was more worried about the additional pressure causing a failure of the pump.

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