Basement flooding from old well pit


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Basement flooding from old well pit

Can a old well pit next to my house cause basement flooding. My sub pump kicks out the water & almost immediately water comes back. Thanks
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Its not the pit it's the water in the pit that is the problem!

Explain what the old pit was used for and why is it abandoned?
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If the top of the well is higher than your sump pit, it could be a factor, However the water in the well would have to be overflowing. This would indicate a high water table with resulting pressure pushing the water over the top of the well. One thing you can try is discharging the sump pump further away from the house.

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1. Your basement should have a system of perimeter drain pipes under floor level dumping into the sump pump pit. WIth all this in place and with the sump pump operating normally and properly the water table under the house will be lowered to be below floor level and the water level in an old well pit up against or inside the basement will go down to more or less match.

2. You could very well have had the perimeter drain pipes dumping into the well pit (inside or outside) and the sump pump put there (assuming that drinkable (potable) water was not drawn from that well pit. The well pit would then perform just as good (sic) as the sump pump pit in keeping the basement dry if it had at least the same dimensions, depth, and volume below basement floor level.

3. A sump pump pit without a perimeter drain pipe system will protect from flooding only that portion of the basement floor a few feet in radius from said pit, the exact radius depending on the porosity of the soil under the floor slab.

4. Roof water pooling up in a mulch bed or getting into a well up against the foundation will get down to basement level quite easily while still close to the house and will increase the burden on the sump pump.

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I do not think that the old well is causing any problems.
You have to check the water level in the well after a dry spell.
If the water level is always high then it maybe spring fed and that would cause problems as it is bringing water up.

New homes will have a weeping tile around the bottom of your foundation these then drain into the sump.
This system prevents water from collecting on the outside of your basement walls.
Older homes may not have this.

To reduce water in the sump exterior work is the best solution.
Grade the ground around the house so water runs away from it.
Make sure you have adequate eaves troughs.
Put extensions on the downspouts so the rain water does not collect close to the foundation.

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