Sump Pump Issue

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Sump Pump Issue

Hi All,
Almost 5 year in this house. Suddenly the sump pump is very active for last 1 week. Whenever it rains, it's pumping out water every 20 minutes. Also, have observed that the incoming drain pipe in the sump pit gets empty in 4-5 hours but the water is coming from the sump basin wall . I called waterproofing guy and he told me that usually there will be holes in the sump basin and water is coming from there.

It's running every 1 hour and no rain(water coming in from sump basin wall holes) for past 1 day. The pump is pushing the water outside within 2 feet to the wall. never happened in past 4 years
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OK, and is there a question? Spring time shifts in water table are common, used to have a house that was dry 10 months of the year, every spring the sump would run crazy, it;s doing it;s job!
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Questions :-
1. It never happened like this for past 4 years.why suddenly so much water is coming in.
2. The water initially is coming from the drainage pipe but after few hours it's coming only from the sump basin wall holes. Is that a concern.
3. As no plumber is around , I have no clue on which kind of pipe should I use to extended the outside hose so that water doesn't filter back.
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1. The weather is different each year. Maybe rains from one direction deposit water on one side of the house that soaks into the ground more instead of running off.

2. As long as water does come in sometimes from your weeping tile that's a good indication that it's still working. After the water level drops below the weeping system the next lowest place is the sump.

3. It's pipe... not rocket science. It doesn't have to be perfect. Do whatever is needed to extend the pipe as far as you think it needs to be. A good start is to get more pipe like you already have and connect the two together.
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Water must not pool up around the house foundation outside. If you find this during a heavy rain then you must correct this.

Do not have a depression all around the house filled with mulch or gravel. Remove those materials and build up the ground with regular soil to slope away from the house.

Water continuing to enter the sump pump pit from the sides or bottom is a non-problem unless related to the paragraphs preceding.
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just to pile on...
running every 20 minutes is not that active. that's barely a trickle. but you say it's never happened before in over 4 years in the house... so something changed. my guess is clogged gutters -- the gutters overflow and dump water right next to the foundation... or perhaps the gutter drain pipes (if you have them) that take the water away from the house (usually burried) are clogged and the water backs up and spills out the top of the drain pipe and soaks the foundation... I've had it BOTH ways in every house I've ever owned. seriously, I've dug up & replaced at least 600ft of drain pipe over the years... the flexible black corrugated stuff is JUNK in my opinion -- it bends and creates low spots that fill with debris and clog, or roots crush it, etc. I replaced all of it with 4" PVC, properly sloped. My sump used to run every 45 seconds during storms (yes you read that right)... now every 5 min or so. we have lots of water in the ground.
so... clean your gutters and check your downspout drain pipes during the next heavy storm to see if they are backing up. if the pipes are backing up get a good shovel and a pick axe and start digging...

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