all of the sudden washer draining into sump pit

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all of the sudden washer draining into sump pit


I have been living in my home for two years. All of the sudden, the last time I did laundry it drained into my sump pit, which overflowed. After I manually removed the water, I dumped a pot of water into my washer and ran it on "drain and spin" to test whether the water would go into the sump pit, and it did.

I am very confused, because it's not like it was set up this way by the previous homeowners since it just happened. What could have happened to make this start happening all of the sudden? Are there easy possible solutions to try? I know I might have to get a plumber, but I wanted to see if it was something easy to handle first. Thanks!

My house has a well and septic (no city sewage), if that makes a difference.
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So if it just started draining into the sump pit where was it draining before?

There is just a single discharge line from the washer somebody would have had to move it from ? to the sump pit or a pipe that drains to the sump pit!
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You mentioned your sump pit overflowed. I imagine the washer has always been discharging there and you never noticed. Then, the pump quits, it overflows and now you know.
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@Marq1 I don't know, I never even looked at the set-up before the recent problem.

@PilotDane you must be right! That didn't occur to me since it was my understanding that the washer isn't supposed to drain into the sump pit...but it makes much more sense that it was always doing it than that it started doing it all of a sudden with no changes. So this means that my sump pump is broken then :'(
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It might be. Easy to test it. Manually hit the float switch.
The bigger question I have is it OK to dump washing machine waste water into a septic tank system? I have no idea since I never had a septic system to work with.
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It is normal and customary for washing machine water to go to a septic tank.

There may be a few towns that require otherwise or a few homeowners who do it differently.

The house I grew up in had a septic system and had a cesspool (dry well) for the washing machine water.

IMHO it is not good for the washing machine water to go to a basement French drain sump pump system. The detergent in the water will increase corrosion and shorten the life of the sump pump.

Apartments on septic and with lots of washing machines are more likely to need a dry well for the machines because the machines are likely to be in continuous use in the evening, increasing the chance of overloading the septic system.
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