Water in crawlspace, two inch crack in sewer line

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Water in crawlspace, two inch crack in sewer line

Back in Oct of 2022 I had a sewer back up. It was backing up into my bathtub and toilet. Called a plumber they came and snaked the line, cleaned it out, and camera. They said there was no cracks just some wipes. Three weeks later the same issue happened. Had the same plumbers come out and they said they had to look under the house in the crawlspace because they found a two inch crack in the line, but when they looked in the crawlspace it had about a foot of water.

They told me you have to get this drained and cleaned before we can get down their and estimate how bad the problem really is. So I contacted my insurance for the cleanup, finished that process. In the meantime two weeks ago Jan 22 I had freshwater pouring out of my sewer cleanout at the end of my curb. The water poured out for 6 hours straight, during that time I had the township, sewer company, and water company out. They turned off the water, checked the sewer etc, the water continued to pour out until around 4-5pm that evening. Still no one could find the source of the water.

On Feb 1 2023 I had a cleaning company to come out and pump out the water and clean the crawlspace, they were here for 5hrs pumping water from crawlspace and everytime they would go to empty the water (with sewage seepage) the water would be right back to the same lever it was when they first started pumping. They said they had no idea where the water was coming from that kept filling up the crawlspace.

So after 5hrs of going circles they left. So now I am stuck with 4 inches of water with sewage seepage in my crawlspace that won't go away when pumped, the cleaning crew said they can not do anything until it is fixed or the source of the water is found, plumber says he can not do anything until he can get into my crawlspace.

I have had 3 plumbers, the water company, the sewer company, the township, and cleaning crew out and no one has any idea what is going on, and pretty much everyone has said I am on my own. I don't even know what my next step would even be, and advice would be super helpful at this point
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You've had experts on-site, not likely we're going to come up with the answer remotely. I can only think you either have a high water table or are sitting on a spring or there is some other source of water, like a leak somewhere in your plumbing - I would think the plumbing leak would be revealed by your water bill.
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continued to pour out until around 4-5pm that evening.
This implies that it stopped and then occurred again at a later date.

What were the weather conditions?

My house is at the bottom of a hill. Ground water from the hill runs under my basement floor, sometimes weeping through the fieldstone wall. A large amount collects and follows the underfloor sewer line until it exits through the cleanout pit at the front wall downhill toward the street. I also have a french drain that collects water at the back of the house and dumps to the driveway. All that water will flow into the street for about three days following rain or snowmelt.

There is also a 14 inch perforated drain pipe running under the city sidewalk to collect water from the hill. That pipe was broken by the city when installing a new water service. For many years until it was fixed, water bubbled up to the street from ground water and from a broken water service further up the street flowing into that pipe. Again, that would occur for many days after precipitation.

Edit: See this thread. It may be possible to have your cracked pipe fixed by relining it without having to eliminate the water in the crawlspace.

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