Well for watering grass

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Well for watering grass

I moved to a new house. There is a well that doesn't appear to have been used in some time. It does have remnants of PVC pipe on the elbow coming from the well head. I pulled the submersible pump and about 40 feet of black hose out of the well. Tested the pump and dropped everything back in. The well works when I apply 240 volt power. Power is routed from the breaker, to a timer, to the pump. It shoots water out at a high pressure. Can I just run the system like that? If not, what plumbing do I need after the elbow coming from the well cap? A pressure tank? I am only using this to water grass and the garden. Nothing going into the house.
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Pump motor needs a pressure controlled on/off switch unless the well head is always open with the motor on. Otherwise motor will fail.
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I am not a well pro but have lived with a well most of my life.

I would think you need a pressure switch and a pressure tank to avoid damaging that pump. A pressure gauge would also be nice so you can see the well turning on and off as needed at the correct pressures.
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A pressure tank isn't really needed.
A gauge is a must.
A pressure switch isn't really needed either but if the pumping slows down the pump could overheat.

Is this going to be a one zone system ?
If it will be one zone you can balance the water use.
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Many irrigation controllers have an output specifically for turning on irrigation pumps. That way the pump is only run when irrigation is occurring. If the irrigation zone(s) is balanced with the pump's output then you don't need a pressure tank. Essentially the sprinklers require everything the pump can pump.

If you system is not balanced then you will need control like a pressure switch and maybe also a pressure tank. The pressure tank's only job is minimizing the on/off cycling to maximize it's lifespan. If your system is out of balance and you don't have a pressure tank the pump may cycle on and off frequently which isn't good for a long life.

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