Kind of Drain pan???

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Kind of Drain pan???

In the middle of my garage floor under a hinged rectangular cover with holes there is this (See Photo). Very old & rusted - lifts out. Beneath it is a drain pipe leading to a dry well which I had snaked - the line is patent & dry well seems good.
Has anyone seen anything like this? Does anyone know what it is exactly?
It's so old & rusted that if water was meant to pass through it to get to the drain pipe below & out to the dry well it does not anymore. Water just collects in it & stays there unless it overflows & then the excess drains beyond it's edges & actually gets into the drain & dry well.
I would like to replace it with something that actually works so the drain can function properly. I could just remove it & allow water to fill the hole beneath & get into the drain pipe if I can't get some kind of equivalent pan

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"...the line is patent..."
What does that mean?

Can you post a picture of the cover?

My guess is that what you see is a catch pan. Maybe designed to capture sediment or nuts & bolts before they can disappear down the drain. But, that is a total guess. I've never seen anything like that before.
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Some background for what its worth:
House is old Tudor (approx 100 years, located in Northeast). Cesspools - no sewers. Originally oil, now gas. Numerous abandoned systems - sprinkler & other lines, etc on property. Just to give you a sense
So I had my cesspool & plumber company (pump out my stuff every year) come over to try to locate some dry wells on my property where certain gutters/leaders drain and check their condition, etc.
Also wanted them to check some drains - snake as needed.
This garage drain was one of them. They lifted the drain cover (see photos), noticed that pan, drained the water sitting in it & lifted it out. Underneath it they found a hole with a drain pipe (see photo). they dug down a bit to clear around it. The water sitting in the hole smelled & looked like oil. They vacuumed it up. He speculated that maybe at one point a prior owner might have done some car work & oil probably from cars, etc might have been allowed to drain down there. This is not near where any original oil lines came into the house.
He tried to snake it from the drain opening below but the angle didn't allow it so he cut the nub off that cap in the picture & snaked it from there. It snaked fine & he identified a dry well for it about 20 feet away outside the garage. He put a hose with water in it and it drained fine - that is what I meant by "line is patent"
I apologize for the long winded summary but figured might help

Drain Cover

Underside of Drain Cover

Under Pan - Pan Removed
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I did several image searches and could not locate that particular drain.
There are many similar garage type drains but not exactly the same.
Looks like letters on that plate but I couldn't make them out.
Image search results

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