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Hi, handymen and women out there!

I would like to make a large, outdoor Advent wreath for my front lawn this year. My brother-in-law is intrigued by the idea, and ever the putter-er, is willing to help me.

He will help me to make a wooden base, to which I will attach greens and 4 "candles."

Here's how I can use your help:

Any ideas for how I can construct the candles? Could I use PVC pipes and run wires down the center? Are there kits for making lamps that can take the wet conditions outdoors? Since I only have an idea, and not skills or know-how to make these candles, I would greatly appreciate any help any of you could lend me.

I really love the idea of having a big way to celebrate Advent, while reminding others of what we are waiting for, but I would love, too, to do this in a way that works and won't electrocute either myself or my wonderful brother-in-law.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
Wishing all a blessed holiday. Rosemary
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I have seen some awesome looking candles made from discarded fluorescent tubes.
A number of tubes are aranged in a circle around and fixed to a circular object of some type to form a column with a space in the middle.
Some cristmas lights are then placed in the centre and when illuminated give off a diffused glow.
An idea in getting old tubes is to ask in the mtc department of a large building or complex and it is quite commom when replacing tubes to place the dead ones in an original box for disposal.
I think that any place would be more than willing to give these away.

If you spend some time canvassing businesses you may be able to find ones that use tubes smaller than the regular four or eight foot ones.
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Illuminiated Outdoor Advent Wreath

Last year we made an outdoor advent wreath using tomato stakes, lights, 7 1/2 watt bulbs and plenty of extension cords.

It worked out ok and we even won an award from the local Ruritan Club for "Putting Christ back into Christmas."

I don't want to violate any link rules on this forum so I will simply suggest to go to Google and type in "Outdoor Advent Wreath" and our site should come up explaining what we did with pictures of how it looks. As of this post, we are the number one listing on Google for these terms.

We will be doing the same thing this year, but this time on time during the first Sunday of Advent.

Good luck.
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