Super Glue Spray?


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Super Glue Spray?

I need to glue a large amount of small pieces of plastic to metal and I'm wondering if they make a spray Super Glue. I've been using small tubes of Super Glue Gel and it works great, but it's too time consuming. I don't know much about glues, but I believe most super glues contain cyanoacrylate.

Or, if they don't make it in a spray, are there any good substitutes? I'm looking for something that has a non-rubbery, super strong bond, that dries clear. HELP!
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Depending on what you're making exactly...(I can't tell by what you described) but if you google "super glue spray" you'll see some products that might help you. Read what they're for as I've seen some for cardboard, paper, leather, etc. and then some for wood, metal and plastic.

I've checked out the big box stores online as well and they have some as well as a hardware store. Just make sure you read what it's for and how to use them and see if it would work for you. For example, if your project is small, the aerosal spray might not work for you.
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Hello: beekrock

I noticed your question, read it and suggest you refer to the related ads to the right side of this window. Very likely find both the glue type want and needed within those links.

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There are a variety of aerosol glues on the market and I'm sure some of them would work for you."Super glue" would likely dry quicker than you could apply all your peices but some aerosol glues have slower drying times etc.3 M makes a wide variety.

Craft stores,hardware stores and some auto parts stores all carry various aerosol glues.

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