Stamping Sterling silver


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Red face Stamping Sterling silver

I have Steel stamps for stamping sterling silver sheet. How do I do this?
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Hi Duwah Welcome to the forums.

Although I honestly don't know, but if you're talking about alphabet stamps or the like, here's something that might help you get an idea:,1789,HGTV_3225_3679913,00.html

Will depend on exactly what you wanted make too.

There are others around here that will probably chime in too, so check back
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The purpose of hallmarking is to protect the public from fraud. Commercially sold silver pieces are stamped with a hallmark of the nation of origin, where it is stamped with a hammer and punch, to confirm its purity as tested by the assay office before its sold. Different stamps indicate different levels of purity. Hallmarks vary among nations. Additional stamps may be used to indicate date and city. Some makers add their own stamp for identification. Some numbers may indicate a particular style. Punches were also used to mark ancient coins, which were often counterfeited. Dealers, collectors, and auctioneers are very alert to hallmarking scams using counterfeit punches on pieces made from precious metals. In 1972 the International Convention of Hallmarks (Hallmarking or Vienna Convention) was established to standardize the identification system across geographic boundaries.

For example:
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ThankYou Very Much!

I went to this web site you provided and it was exactly what I was looking for! You have been a tremendous help! Many thanks!

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