Foam Carving


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Foam Carving

I am trying to find some high density foam that is not too expensive that i can cut, shape and sand. I dont need to do much work to it. I am using the foam to re-inforce a plug i am using to make a mold for. I want to use the foam to fill some space and to create some shape before the horizontal flange starts.
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Are you talking about styrofoam? Check at local craft stores. You will find styrofoam and florist foam.
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What type of foam are you looking for ?? The expanding insulation foam could be sprayed on like wax paper into a big blob and it cuts and sands great.
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If you're talking about the HD foam used in cushions, try an upholstery shop or a marine supply place, but foam has really gotten very expensive and the more dense and firm it is, the more it's going to cost. I don't think you can find it that cheap.

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