Bending silverware (and not with my mind!)


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Bending silverware (and not with my mind!)

Does anyone have any tips for bending silverware? I found some very cool ideas for silverware crafts online but the only luck I am having is bending the spot right at the base of the spoon/fork....and I really want to bend the handle part.

I tried to heat them in boiling water first, and that didn't help. So I tried to heat them in a 500 degree oven, and that didn't help either.

The only tips I can find are those which involve total concentration and a bit of psychokinesis. Now, I tried, really tried, to hold that fork and think very hard "I can bend you with my mind".....and it didn't work (at all, can you believe that?)

Thanks, guys!
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Probably going to require using a torch right on the spot where you want the bend to occur.
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I agree with mitch17. Look around for propane torches.

When you use it, make sure you use it on a heat-resistant surface and wear eye protection and gloves.

The psychokinesis thing really works, it really does! I think you weren't concentrating enough. Try it again. If all else fails, try the propane torch ha! j/k
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Psychokinesis? Hate to dishearten you.

A metal vise and needlenose pliers can be used to bend silverware. Some find that bending around a rolling pin or large dowel works.

To bend with propane torch:,00.html

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